Focus on Italian or on startups who are looking to enter the Italian market; we are looking for startups with solutions and technologies to solve problems and enable breakthroughs in the PropTech sector.


  • You are an Italian startup, or;

  • You are an International startup with Italian founders willing to incorporate back into Italy, or;

  • You are an International startup seeking to enter the Italian market.


Your Startup has raised less than 1M€



PropTech & Sustainable Buildings


Advanced Building Management

Predictive Maintenance

Building Management

Building Information Management


Noise Reduction

Metaverse & Blockchain Application

Smart Contract

Non-fungible tokens & Metaverse applications

Community gathering and animation switch the neighbourhood into an amplified service platform (B2C Market)

Metaverse application to amplify digitally a physical asset (building and neighbourhood) (B2B Market)

Gamification applied to digital real estate, to community interaction, to ESG objectives

Energy Communities

Energy Exchange Software

Collaboration with Distribution Service Operators

Financial Services

Crowd-Funding, Including Crypto-based


Lending, Leasing

Usage of data in pricing

Smart Districts

Physical presence monitoring (i.e. footfall analytics, monitoring)

Service Accessibility (i.e. coworking, smart parking, environment analytics)

Asset Management Optimization (i.e. incident management, cognitive building, Safety)

Energy Efficiency & Management

New Technologies (i.e. heat pumps, water heaters)

Increased Appliance Efficiency (appliance control algorithm, sensors)

Home Energy Management Systems

AI/Big Data utilisation

Business Model Innovation (heating as a service)

Energy Storage & Carbon Capture

Devices for daily & seasonal storage

Matching consumption and availability

Space-saving solutions

Local Carbon capture & storage

Climate Comfort Systems

Building/District simulations

Algorithms to manage Heating

Ventilation & Air Conditioning

Behaviourial Change/Gamification






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