TIMELINE 2023-24

Open Call - May 2023


Collecting the key business/innovation challenges from the vertical Promoters and Corporate Partners

Bootcamp - September 2023

Scouting & Selection

  • Seeking out +200 /year Italian & international startups
  • Inviting the best 30-40 startups to the Bootcamps, our 4 live events in Milan with the opportunity to meet our team and our Partners
  • Choosing the best 13-15 startups based on potential & investment fit, to enter the Discovery phase



Product/Market definition / fit, Testing, Business Model, MVP First Traction, Pricing / ~8 weeks

Selection Day - 15.11.2023

Investing €115k /startup in 8-10 startups



Validation metrics KPI, Team & Business Model. Complete Business Plan and Final Pitch Preparation Demo Day/ ~10 weeks

Demo Day - 15.02.2024


Investment booster

Supporting the growth of the best ~3 startups with pre-committed investments of (at least) € 150k /startup and deal structuring /strategic advisory

The Sustainable Buildings & PropTech Accelerator oLa Rete Nazionale Acceleratori CDP